A Robot Data Platform that Scales With Your Fleet

Easily ingest, query, and connect your robot data from Gigabytes to Exabytes

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Shade: The Modern Data Platform for Robotics

Shade is a cloud-first serverless data platform that enables roboticists and teams to store petabytes of data without worrying about ingestion, compression, and metadata storage


Seamless Integration with Your Sensors and Codebase

We make it incredibly easy for you to integrate realsense, LiDaR and more. We work directly with ROS1 and ROS2.

import shade 

# Shade ROS Wrapper
import time

import shade

input_path = '/root/Downloads/stairs_compressed.bag' 
output_path = '/root/Downloads/output.shade'

if __name__ == "__main__":
    writer = shade.Writer(input_path, 
      output_path, shade.types.ROS1)


Easily Query by Structured SQL or Semantic Queries

We run securitized scene understanding workflows so you can easily query your data with additional metadata and access it in your data lake

Bigger Data Leads to Smarter Robots

Our state of the art compression enables you to store 40% more data and get compress your data to 92% overall without losing any information.

Results Ran on ROS Bag of 3GB with LiDAR, Video, and Additional Sensors


Integrate with Your Third Party Platforms and Metadata

Easily connect and integrate with your labeling platforms, model evaluation systems, and existing data catalogues and data lakes

Aquarium ML
Amazon Glue
Google Data Catalog

Everything You Need to Build Something Amazing

Shade makes it incredibly easy to use the tools you need without setup. Easily integrate it into our workflow and scale seamlessly


Experiment Capture

Capture your experiments and data in realtime. Easily visualize maps and results with the tools you love like RViz. We manage the storage for you so you don't have to.


Track Usage

Easily track your API usage per device and per algorithm. Identify spikes, anomalies and changes in networking.


Team Permissions

Easily work in teams with varying role-based permissions to interact with our platform, data, and algorithms. You maintain full control over your workspace.

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